Open Carbonara

Open Carbonara

Carbonara is the most loved pasta dish in the world.

Guanciale, Roman pecorino cheese, eggs, salt and pepper: 5 ingredients that conquered many palates. But whether for health, ethical or religious reasons, the recipe that everyone loves cannot be enjoyed by everyone.

That’s why this year, to celebrate Carbonara Day, we created a new carbonara recipe to finally turn the most loved pasta dish into the most inclusive one.

The Recipe

Together with a team of international chefs, we created a delicious, more inclusive carbonara recipe inspired by the original one, but Halal, Kosher, Vegan, lactose free and gluten free, so that many more people around the world can finally enjoy it.

Egg Bacon Cheese and pepper
A picture of the purple saffron flower used as an egg substitute.

Egg Substitution

To recreate the creaminess of the eggs we used mashed potatoes, water and saffron.

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Carbonara sprinkled with cheese and pepper in a rustic blue bowl.

Open Carbonara is a delicious alternative to the original recipe, with ingredients that many more people can eat.

The Squad

Led by Marco Martini, the squad consists of six renowned chefs coming from different parts of the world, with different cultures and culinary traditions.

Specialised in Halal, Kosher and Vegan cuisine, each of them brought to the table a different expertise to create the Open Carbonara recipe and turn one of the most loved dishes in the world into a more inclusive one.

Bowl of pasta with a creamy sauce, on a pink plate sitting on a white, red and blue tablecloth.

We created Open Carbonara because we believe that a sign of love becomes truly meaningful when it can be experienced by as many people as possible.

But we couldn't stop there. Barilla always cherishes people coming together at the same table. That's why we created Open Recipes: our new platform that transforms your most beloved traditional pasta recipes with alternative options that many more people can enjoy together. Open your kitchen to new possibilities!

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